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Alternative magical effects of band-aids

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Alternative magical effects of band-aids

We all use band-aids often, but there are not many people who know the correct usage of band-aids.


Due to the limitation of the structure of the band-aid, it can generally only be used for small wounds that are relatively superficial, neat and clean, with little bleeding and do not require sutures, so as to temporarily stop bleeding and protect the wound. But it should be noted that the use time should not be too long.


It is common that someone directly puts a band-aid on the wound. This is absolutely incorrect. It is very easy to cause wound infection! Clean the wound first, which is an indispensable step before using the band-aid. When doing outdoor sports, the sanitary conditions are poor and the chance of injury is greater. This should be paid attention to.


In addition, if the band-aid applied to the wound is soaked in water, it should be replaced immediately. This is especially important when outdoors. If you ignore it, the wound will be directly soaked in water, and it will become a breeding ground for bacteria.


In addition to treating small-scale wounds, band-aids have many other magical uses. I'm afraid you don't know these:


1. If you wear glasses, if you accidentally break the glasses legs or lose the screws at the connection, you can use band-aids to connect the glasses legs and glasses. There is no problem in using it in a short time.


2. If the tent or sleeping bag is broken, you can temporarily use band-aids when there is no repair glue to prevent the tent from leaking or the sleeping bag from leaking.


3. You can roll the plastic into a funnel, tear off the dressing in the middle of the bandage and put it in the middle of the funnel to filter out the debris in the water.


4. For people with motion sickness, just find a small restaurant to ask for a slice of ginger before going on the road, and put it on the belly button with a band-aid, which is very useful to prevent motion sickness.


5. The shoes you just bought don't fit your feet, and the heels may get stuck. Put a band-aid on the back of the shoes to ease the stuck feet a lot.


6. If the weather is too dry, the joints of the fingers and nails will often crack, and the pain is unbearable. Cut off the adhesive part of the band-aid, directly cover the cracks, and stick them to relieve the pain immediately.

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