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How to choose outdoor gear-suit for amateur-3

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Today we are going to introduce how to choose some outdoor gears,such as water filling equipment,tent and sleeping bag.


1. How to choose water filling equipment?


Water appliances are generally divided into water bags and insulation cups:


The water bag can be placed on the top of the water bag of the mountaineering backpack or on the top of the mountaineering bag. Drinking water through the water bag tube is more convenient. The advantage is that you can drink it with a small mouth.

There are many water bags on the market, but it should be noted that some water bags cannot hold hot water.

The insulated cup needs to choose a brand with a longer holding time, which is generally heavier, but it is especially important in cold weather.


2. How to choose camping tent?


The choice of the tent should be based on the season and altitude:


The lightweight route generally chooses the bottomless pyramid or A tower tent, which is lightweight, windproof, and supported by trekking poles.

Fewer mosquitoes in northern and high altitude areas are the best choice, while southern areas can be used with internal accounts. Many people generally think that tents must have the ability of cold weather, and to avoid condensation in winter. In fact, the tent is mainly sheltered from the wind, and sleeping bags are needed to keep warm.


3. How to choose sleeping bag?


The first choice for sleeping bags is down, which is light in weight, small in size, and easy to compress, reducing the volume of the backpack.


Down sleeping bags have different classifications according to the amount of down filling. Generally, down sleeping bags are short-stemmed down (feathers on a duck or goose breast) and long-stemmed downs (feather of duck or other parts of goose after loosening), flying silk (fine fluff that is dropped when processing the above two kinds of feathers). In general, the price of short-stemmed fluff> long-stemmed fluff> flying silk is directly proportional to the thermal performance.



Hope you all can buy the gear that suits you!See you next time!


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