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How to eat before and after running(2)

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How to eat before and after running(2)

Let's talk about how to eat after running, this should be treated differently according to different personal circumstances:


1. People who lose weight

If your purpose of running is to lose weight, then you still have to control your mouth. Don't eat more than usual, consumption is greater than intake is always the basic principle of weight loss.


2. Runners preparing for training or running


The training intensity of these people is often very high. The body's demand for nutrients reaches its peak after a long run. At the same time, when the body breaks down fat, muscles will also be lost.


20-60 minutes after running will be a very good time to supplement carbohydrates and proteins. The body will quickly absorb the supplemented carbohydrates and proteins for rapid recovery of the body and repair of muscle damage. If you do not provide nutrition to the muscles in time after the exercise, supplement your body energy, it will not be conducive to the recovery and improvement of physical fitness.


Fruits, whole grains, vegetables, oats, and beans are good slow carbohydrates. They contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which help maintain health and improve recovery. A simple post-run recipe can look like this: chicken, rice, yogurt and a banana.


3. Those who stay healthy


Just follow the normal food intake and try to achieve a healthy diet that is not greasy and low in calories. At the same time, we must pay attention to replenishing water. Running will cause a lot of sweating. Once the body loses too much water, it will cause electrolyte imbalance in the body, so it is necessary to drink some sports drinks in order to supplement electrolytes and vitamins. But it also has something to do with your single training amount. Just run for less than half an hour, just drink some water.


In addition, some people are in a state of excitement after running, and do not eat without appetite. At this time, the body may actually lack energy, resulting in decreased immunity.


Running is a simple matter to say, but if you really want to run healthy, you should pay attention to every detail, including not only the food before and after running. In fact, every meal you have will affect your running state.

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