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How to keep safe in outdoor activity

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How to keep safe in outdoor activity

Outdoor sports are not simply "novelty" and "exciting," nor are they a well-equipped "Lone Ranger" challenge. Equipment, knowledge, and skills are the basic guarantee, and emergency capacity and common sense are the basic qualities, but the lack of safety awareness is the biggest potential danger of outdoor sports! In addition to taking precautions, it is also important to master some self-help methods!

How to deal with sudden rainstorm

1. First find a suitable place to avoid the rain. It is recommended to choose a firm, high-rise building to avoid the rain. Do not stop by the river, the water, or under the trees.

2. Don't rush into the water, obstacles such as underwater sediment, garbage, etc. are difficult to distinguish.

3. At the same time, pay attention to the safety warning signs and the surrounding electrical wires.


How to deal with thunderstorms

1. Do not move in high and open areas; do not run blindly and do not use mobile phones!

2. Keep the metal objects in your backpack and discard the trekking poles if necessary.

3. Do not shelter from rain under trees, stay away from areas with standing water, and try to find places or caves that have shelter from rain.

4. If thunder and lightning are found above your head, don't move around. Squat in the nearby low-lying area with your legs close together. Keep your back flat and your head down.

Simple ambulance common sense


1. In the field, if you have a skin injury such as abrasions or broken skin, you should complete the wound cleaning and hemostasis. If there is no medical disinfectant, you can choose to rinse the wound coolly.

2. If you feel unwell after eating wild food, you should induce vomiting as soon as possible, drink plenty of water and seek medical treatment as soon as possible after vomiting.

3. Snakes are often encountered in the wild. If you are bitten by a snake, you should immediately call for help. If it is confirmed that it is non-venomous, you only need to clean the wound, stop bleeding and bandaging, and then go to the hospital to inject tetanus. If it is a venomous snake, you should immediately Rest, do not move the injured limb.


What is important for outdoor sports is not that we conquered the mountain and challenged the limit. The result should not be our only pursuit. The process of enjoying outdoor sports under the premise of safety is the most important!

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