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How to pack light-1

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How to pack light-1

For mountaineering, camping, and outings, good backpacks not only make people feel refreshed, carry a lot of things, free hands, and maintain body balance, making the trip more safe and comfortable. Establishing some concepts about backpacks in your mind will allow you to embark on a safe and comfortable journey.


Control how much to install


When the capacity is not enough, the external plug-in is easy to be lost and cumbersome; when the capacity is too large, the backpack is not easy to be solid, and the equipment in the bag will affect the balance due to movement during action. To select the backpack capacity, first create a personal equipment list.

The equipment list is also divided into factors such as long-distance and long-distance and activity area, climate, etc., so it is divided into standing items and consumables.

Standing items: raincoats, warm clothes, sleeping bags, etc. are items that are not reduced with the influence of various factors, and their sizes and weights are relatively stable.

Consumables: Food, fuel, etc. decrease with the increase of activity time. The quantity of such items has a great influence on the backpack capacity.


Adjust the carrying comfort (this is very important)


The main function of the carrying system is to distribute the weight to all parts of the body reasonably, avoiding the concentration of weight on the shoulders. In addition, it also provides the adjustment of the center of gravity to increase the balance and safety when acting.

Medium and large backpacks usually form a carrying system with the back frame as the center, and the back frame can be divided into an outer frame type and an inner frame type.



Outer frame type-Outer frame type backpack is to fix the backpack on a hard frame (the most common aluminum alloy), with a nylon shoulder strap and a hip strap.

Features: The center of gravity is high, about shoulder or above. The high center of gravity design is not suitable for occasions requiring a high degree of balance, and is suitable for carrying on a flat road.

Advantages: easy to load and take items, and can make the weight shared by shoulders and hips. The back is well ventilated.

Disadvantages: the inconvenience of practical use of the framework in different situations. For example, when drilling in dense forests and bamboo bushes, the backpack is easily caught and stuck; when climbing or skiing, it is easy to suddenly shift the center of gravity and lose balance.

Therefore, the outer frame backpack is more suitable for long-distance walking on a flat road.


Internal frame type-wrapped in nylon fabric inside the package body, the principle is the same as above.

Features: The center of gravity is slightly lower. Can be adjusted approximately between shoulder and hip. It is suitable for climbing situations where you need to maintain balance, and can prevent the backpack from shaking at the shoulder height.



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