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Must understand these 15 outdoor knowledge (I)

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Must understand these 15 outdoor knowledge (I)

A blizzard, a torrential rain, a river may cause loss of temperature, fractures, water shortages, and kill you. Why do some people still walk for so many years in such a harsh environment?

They all have their own tips.

A veteran of 20 years of hiking tells you how to play safely outdoors.


I. Life straws can save lives

Water is more important than food. You can live 7 days without food, and 3 days without water. Many times when you encounter difficulties, you can't find the source of hydration at all. Can you just wait for death obediently?


The life straw is a secret weapon carried by many travel friends. It is a straw device to obtain drinking water. Many kinds of dirty water can be filtered and sterilized into drinkable water. Even if there is no other way to drink urine, the filtered water is clean and clear. Any peculiar smell.


II. The lighter is not as reliable as the flint

Many people find it convenient to bring a lighter for outdoor travel, and sparks can be generated at the touch of a button. But have you considered that if the lighter gets wet in the rain, it will not be able to be used at all.


People who often play outdoors know that matches, lighters, and magnifying glasses are not practical for making fire outdoors. You have to rely on flint when you go out. You are not afraid of humidity and will not drop anchor at critical moments. If you don’t know what kind of flint and steel to buy, here is the recommended Sami Time, U disk shape, safe and reliable, and you are not afraid of sudden fire due to friction halfway.


III. The space blanket saves heat loss

What should I do if I get wet outdoors? Change clothes, cover with blankets, or use dead branches and leaves to get a little warmth?

If you have experience in trail running, you must know that insulation blankets, also called outdoor life-saving blankets, are mandatory equipment required by all organizers. When the temperature is lost, you can wrap your body tightly to prevent the heat from escaping.

It looks like tin foil and is extremely lightweight, but 50g is easy to store, and it is not the size of a wallet when folded. It can be placed on the bottom of the backpack without taking up space.



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