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Outdoor Classroom: DWR Coating and how to clean

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Outdoor Classroom: DWR Coating and how to clean

DWR Water Repellent Coating

Like almost all waterproof clothing, the rash jacket is treated with DWR (durable water repellent coating) on the outer surface. DWR coating, allows moisture to coalesce into beads and roll off the garment. The DWR coating also makes the surface of the fabric drier, making the garment lighter and more comfortable.

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With periodic washing and constant testing in harsh environments, the DWR coating will gradually wear away. The worn water-repellent coating loses its effectiveness, moisture does not roll off the fabric surface in a bead-like pattern, and the fabric begins to absorb moisture. Of course, this is when the waterproof barrier under the outer fabric still comes into play, preventing this moist moisture from attacking your skin.


It is possible for the DWR coating on the garment to regain its function. First, wash the waterproof garment according to the care instructions, then iron it (gentle setting, no steam, with a towel placed between the iron and the garment). This will reactivate the DWR coating and restore the performance of the water droplet coalescence on the surface of the garment as long as the original water repellent coating is still present.


However, there is no such thing as a permanent water-repellent coating. As time passes and the original water repellent coating is depleted, the fabric will need to be treated with a spray-on or laundry-additive water repellent. Re-watering can be repeated.



Performance problems caused by a worn DWR coating are often misjudged as a failure of the waterproof fabric. This is because, after the DWR coating wears off, the waterproof fabric may show signs of moisture on the outside or feel heavy because the outer fabric has absorbed some moisture.

When you suspect that your waterproof clothing or waterproof pants have lost effectiveness and are considering replacement, first try restoring the performance of the DWR coating or reapplying a spray-on or wash-and-add water repellent coating. Remember, if the outer fabric has only become wet, it does not mean that moisture has penetrated the interior of the garment.


Severe Leakage

If you notice significant internal moisture in your rash jacket after only a few minutes in the rain, there may be leaks or other more serious problems. Possible causes include defective seams, fabric problems or damage to the garment. You can contact your dealer to identify the real problem and deal with it after the sale.


Garment Cleaning Instructions

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If you want to maximize the usefulness of your rash guard, keep it clean. Before washing, read and carefully follow the care instructions on its washing label.

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