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What do you need to prepare for camping in the wild?(I)

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What do you need to prepare for camping in the wild?(I)

What do you need to prepare for camping in the wild?(I)

What equipment you need to bring for outdoor camping is closely related to the number of campers, the camping location, and the camping season. The following is a brief introduction in terms of camp selection, tent construction, article application, and accident handling.

This article will introduce the camping equipment list.

1. Camping

(1) Tent

The seasons are divided into three quarters, four seasons, and mountain accounts, and the number of people is divided into single, double, three, and multiple accounts. For general leisure camping activities in spring, summer and autumn, you can choose aluminum pole three-season double double tents.

(2) Sleeping bag

From the appearance, it is divided into envelope type, mummy type, and hybrid sleeping bag. From the filling material, it is divided into down, fiber cotton, fleece, ordinary chemical fiber cotton, ordinary cotton and other types. The general seven-hole cotton mummified sleeping bag can meet the demand. According to the self-travel environment, choose the sleeping bag with the corresponding temperature scale. It is recommended to buy a low down and a cotton sleeping bag above 0 degrees.


(3) Moisture-proof pad

To make sleep more quality, the materials are divided into foam moisture-proof pads, inflatable air-dampproof pads, tin foil moisture-proof pads, and self-inflated moisture-proof pads. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and should be selected according to needs.

2. Shoes and clothing articles

Skin windbreaker, quick-drying underwear, sweat-wicking underwear, jackets, soft shell jackets, fleece jackets, etc. Choose your own according to the weather and your needs

The same goes for shoes, hiking, hiking shoes, sports casual shoes, and sports sandals, depending on the situation.


2. Bag articles

(1). 45-80L large backpack: For long-distance travel, girls need about 55L, and boys need more than 65L.

(2). 15-30L small backpack: short-distance travel or long-distance spare, there is a certain burden.

(3). Camping trolley: I don’t think the size of the bag needs to be entangled, because usually camping is self-driving, and camping trolleys are also brought.

(4). Camera bag: According to personal needs, the cross-body is more convenient to access the lens.

(5). Toiletry bag: It is more convenient to pack and carry washing supplies.


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