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  • How to choose a RIGHT down sleeping bag? Secret 4—— Down Content

    Down content is a very important measurement index of down products, it shows the presentation of down and feather in the down products.60/40, 80/20 and 90/10 are all common down content we know. You might think : It is quite easy to tell the difference between down and feather, they must be like th

  • How to choose a RIGHT down sleeping bag? Secret 3—— Constructions

    People often pay less attention to the construction of the sleeping bag while they are going to buy one, because it is inside the sleeping bags and we couldn’t see or touch directly. You have to know that the construction of down sleeping bag is a very important part of determining the warmth of sl

  • How to choose a RIGHT down sleeping bag? Secret 2——The Fluidity

    Let’s have a look into some home supplies that are filled with down: down quilt, down jacket. If you go around in a shopping mall and have a look at those down quilts or down jackets, you’ll find out that they are all design as a cloth that has many squares on it,no matter the brand or price. So, wh

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